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very good game

funny drive game


its so cool, i like it 💙

I like it so much, so simple but so cool.

Music, audio and visuals very cool too)
Thanks for game <3

delightful game. i kind of want to cry

baby steps is too difficult bruh 😤


10th favourite Itch Game of 2023 (Others are listed in this Blog Post)

It's sadly been too much of a while since I played this game so I can barely say anything about it. Though I do remember being very interested in the difficulty curve.

Though the only thing I have noted down "Interesting difficulty spike at lilypad".

After a short reoplay up to that point I also really get that. Lilypad is a quite interesting level to play level and makes a lot of fun, but it also has a lot more dangerous sections than the previous levels. It's not that the feel of the character-controller isn't well enough established at this point it's just a bit of n unexpected jump at this point.

Other than that this game is really masterfull at how it satisfying it looks. The graphics are really cute but also very functional. You can very quickly notice the death zones and even the ways you drove in previous attempts. And the game over screen is very quick and barely gets in the way evough despite being extremely satisfying.

wow~nice game~

very good :D

it is the game where 'I want your address to k*ll you'  * just kidding*

great game, lilypads fucks me up every time

Hole in the wall is foreshadowing so much

Super fun game! This kinda parkour is something that could seriously be expanded upon in made into a real big game. I hope my video does the game justice! 

Very challenging in a good way. Beating the levels feels rewarding rather than just a chore.

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great game! 

Very good

a sub 3 second sharp landing would be amazing, this is my best so far. Unless you are able to get over the wall and cross over to the other side somehow. Ill try to get a sub 3 today 

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is cool

can you add for 32 bit version pls 


Dat last level make me crazy but awesom game tho

Really fun game, I got stuck on Lilipads but was able to get through it. Great game all around and really fun to play. 10/10 would play again :)

Very nice and clean game!!! Controls feel super smooth


if trackmania and super meat boy had a very cute lil baby 

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I got 2 sub 59s yesterday,  sadly wasn't recording the first one (58.81s). However I got the second run recorded, final time of 58.570s (current wr).

The game stopped workimg for me :(

This game is super fun, and surprisingly addictive! I'm stuck on lilypads, but I think I can make it through!!


I know sub 5 is possible on perfect lasagna with TAS. This is my closest so far:

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this is my best so far but I still can improve, my segmented time is 58.59 so if I could get a 59 or a 58 that would be pretty cool

super fun game...  very anxiety inducing lo


Lot more problems than just the break. Might want to get your gas and steering looked at too.

strangely everytime i respawn, a screen shake happends for a coulpe of seconds, this ends when i move

Shut up and take my money!!!!


What an awesome game with such a simple concept! Lilypads level was evil tho, I nearly broke my keyboard

Whats Up, very handsome tiny game, which engine do you use?


It looks like Godot


I really don't wanna talk about this. It's been 48 years now

Best time on rush mode, 199.03.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ cool!


Very clean! you earned some money for that <3

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